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About Daniel

I am a web designer with a strong coding background. I have worked in the information technology industry for over two and a half years and am eager to further my career with new challenges.

I am currently living in Sydney's inner West.

Previous work

Junior software engineer at Linchpin Labs in 2013

Web designer and account manager for Sitesuite from 2011 to 2012

Completed his studies in a Batchelor's degree of Engineering (Mechatronics) in 2013


I have experience coding in C, C++, and Assembly for a range of microcontrollers.

Major project

hovercraft testing

My major project involved creating a platform on which to implement navigation on an under actuated hovercraft using rapidly expanding random trees.

Noughts and Crosses robot

For a university project I wrorked in a team of three to design and develop this robot.


Small project for a friend leaving them with more time to work on their PhD - they needed to press a button every 5 minutes.

Quick project using an arduino and linear actuator that is still being used in the lab over a year later.




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I have experience with design and animation using Photoshop, Processing, Vegas and Final Cut.


I am particularly interested in interactivity in animation, giving the viewer opportunities to control and affect the animation in some way - in fact some of the animations on this site are interactive.


Web Design

In my time at sitesuite I developed and put online scores of websites. I have experience working with Wordpress and with a proprietry CMS, and have worked on frontend and backend development.

Here are a selection from the many the sites that I got up and running:

Efficiency Works akt evolution Vine
Harker Accounting The Royal absolute partnership

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